In our current times, the competition in the graphic design field is very extreme, and designers cannot miss new possibilities. It is crucial to be able to produce new material and to show personal skills to the public.
The Random Poster Generator emerges as the perfect tool to reach this goal. By following the practical series of selections proposed by the website, it will be incredibly more straightforward for the designer to come up with a new poster to share online.
The selection of a specific time frame will also help the designer to stick to a precise timing to be faster and more productive.
By creating posters, the designer will gain points which allow to upgrade to higher levels and therefore to increase productivity.
The points will also be visible on the Random Poster Generator Portfolio, a website where all the projects realized by the users are collected.
The Random Poster Generator Portfolio also represents an opportunity to see what other fellow designers are producing.

Don’t procrastinate. Now it is the perfect moment to make a new poster!
*All the elements proposed to the designer are suggestions which will make the whole production process more natural and effective. Nevertheless, it is, of course, possible for the designer to use additional typefaces or colors if needed for a better final result.

Academy of Art and Design HGK Basel
2019 Master Thesis, Written Thesis
Design and concept: Alessandra Puricelli
Coding: YANO